With the winter comes colder temperatures. Cold temperatures mean homeowners who have outdoor pets often bring them in a bit more than normal. Having your pets indoor can bring happiness to your family but it can also cause annoying downsides as well.

Things such as hairs and other dirt particles that cause pollutants in your air. These pollutants clog HVAC systems. To avoid extra or unnecessary repairs, here are a few tips to follow this holiday season:

1.    Always clean your home

This may be a regular chore in your home but with pets inside, it needs to be done much more diligently. Dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming can all help ensure your home rids extra pollutants and pet dander from the air.

2.    Give your pets regular baths

It’s easy to let your pets roam freely outside then come inside and jump on the couch or run around the room but each time they do this, pet dander and hair fly into the air and eventually find their way into your vents causing clogs. Pet hair also clogs carpets and rugs which means you’ll be breathing in much more pet odor and dander.

Keep your allergies at bay by regularly vacuuming and shaking rugs outside, and by bathing your pets regularly outside. Bathing them outside ensures extra hairs are flown into the air outside of your home and not into your vents.

3.    Change filters

It’s recommended to change your filters once a year or every other year when you’ve taken the proper precautions and had them cleaned twice yearly by a professional. Air filters are meant to trap dander, pollutants, and dirt so they don’t enter your home’s air. That means it’s imperative you keep these clean, so your HVAC unit isn’t pushing polluted warm air into your home.

4.    Inspect your unit

If your pets are running around outside, make sure they keep away from your outside unit. If unattended while outside, pets have a chance to dig around the condenser and may harm themselves. To avoid this, place a breathable fence or barrier around your outside unit.

To schedule your annual maintenance appointment, give BMC Clower a call (866-904-9946) and they’ll send one of their professional HVAC technicians to your home.