Vent and Duct Cleaning Services


About The Machine:
The Revolutionary Hybrid Duct Vacuum is a light weight, portable, yet extremely powerful machine that incorporates three of the leading methods of duct cleaning “in one” for the best results. These two piece 220 volt unit connects directly to a dryer outlet and has double the suction of other portable duct cleaning units.

This system is able to achieve better suction due to its unique and efficient design. The agitation tools that break up and move dust and debris through the supply lines combine compressed air and a whip tool kit to provide an extensive cleaning of the duct system. A chemical fog can be dispersed in the duct system to kill any remaining bacteria.

Duct Cleaning Pricing:
Minimal duct cleaning cost*: $450.00 includes up to 15 registers or vents and machine usage. $30.00 each additional register or vent run, main trunk line counts as one.

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning, up to 25ft of rigid pipe*: $225.00
(Discounted to $125.00 with a duct cleaning during the same visit)

*The duct cleaning includes the rigid, metal duct work only. Does not include cleaning of mechanical equipment or long extended flex runs. 

Additional Pricing and Notes:

  • We can chemically fog the ductwork to kill bacteria for an additional $130.00.**
  • The furnace blower and evaporator coil can be cleaned at an additional cost, if necessary.

Camera Inspection Pricing:

  • We do camera inspections on ductwork as well. The first hour costs $165.00, $25.00 for each additional 15 minutes
  • We can film the duct cleaning process and results for an additional $400.00 (price includes the SD card).




We are not responsible for damage to flexible ductwork, soundline ductwork or ductboard in any way.
All drywall, paint, plaster, wallpaper, etc. repairs are to be completed by others at homeowners expense.
A duct cleaning is not always guaranteed to get every square inch of the duct spotless. We can only clean to the best of our and our machines ability. All areas around or near the registers must be free and clear of storage, personal items, furniture, etc. We are not responsible for any damage to any items in the areas where the duct cleaning is being performed. Any ductwork repairs or other system recommendations found during the duct cleaning will be quoted at an additional cost.

**If a chemical fog is completed, the customer must agree to have all pets and humans removed from the property for at least 4 hours after the fog has been completed.


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