There are several benefits of installing an energy-efficient HVAC system for residential and commercial purposes. Since the HVAC system is generally the primary energy consumption in residential and commercial set up, it is important that each component of the HVAC unit contributes to the efforts of being energy efficient.

Benefits of having an energy-efficient HVAC system:

Substantial savings on energy bills

Reducing energy bills and saving some money in the process, is on the minds of every homeowner. Having a high-efficiency HVAC system can help reduce your utility bills. For example – if you have a large area in your home that needs an air conditioner and you purchase a 2-ton unit for this space, typically a high-efficiency 2-ton unit is going to store up to 1 ton of air so your unit doesn’t constantly run. This ensures your unit uses the stored air to keep your room cool without using extra energy to do so.

An easy way to remember high-efficiency is this: You invest more up front for cheaper monthly utility bills. If you want to go cheaper upfront, your utility bills will be higher each month. Determine if you want to save or spend each month and you’ll know whether a high-efficiency unit is right for you.

Saves the environment by reducing the Carbon Footprint

An energy-efficient HVAC system is useful for saving the environment because run without using an excessive amount of energy or they store energy to use when energy isn’t needed for the output.

Improves the life of the system

One of the other benefits of using an energy-efficient HVAC system is in maximizing the efficiency of the overall system, making them last much longer as compared to other traditional systems. All you need to do as a homeowner is making the decision to go in the high-efficiency route and then have your machine regularly maintained. Maintenance alone can improve the life of your system and expand the life of your investment.

Better air flow quality

High-efficiency systems ensure superior quality of overall air flow. They use variable speed motors for a consistent flow without using extra energy. There are several advantages of having better air flow in our homes such as; removal of all air impurities, better health conditions, regulated temperature, and a healthy & pleasant breathing space.

Benefits of extended warranties

Check with the company you purchased your HVAC unit from to see if they offer an extended warranty. Most companies do and BMC Clower is no exception. We offer warranties on all our machines so you can feel protected with every investment you make.

Easy to use and quiet

Units with energy-efficient HVAC features come with advanced technology such as high-tech sound absorbing materials, which is easy to use and makes operating noise non-existent.

Have you been experiencing high energy bills, loud noises coming from your machine, or dirt in your air? It’s time for a routine checkup! Call BMC Clower in Maryland today and have one of our experienced technicians come to your home to evaluate the condition of your machine and see if you would benefit from an energy-efficient upgrade.