winterize-your-homeI know no one wants to think about winterizing their home at the beginning of August, but Fall will be here before you know it, so why not be ready.  Here are five quick ways to prepare your home for the coming seasonsL

Close Foundation Vents
Keep cold wind away from your warm floor by closing the foundation vents.  While you’ll want to keep them open during the late spring and summer to dry out the moisture on the foundation, you should then close them during the Fall and Winter to keep the floor warm.  The vent flaps do open and close.  If they are not closing tight, you can simply purchase Styrofoam vent covers to go between vent and door to keep them closed.

Service Heating System
No matter what type of heating system you have (furnace, wood stove, boiler, heat pump, etc.), it needs to be cleaned and serviced.  Take particular care to gently vacuum the air conditioner heat exchanger.  If this gets all filled with debris, it will block heat from getting to your home, at which point you will pay to heat the exchanger and not your home.

Pump up Your Attic
Don’t let your heat rise right out of your house.   Think cost effectiveness!  Seal and insulate your attic to keep warm air from escaping.  Seal off your entire attic, then stuff it with as much insulation as you can afford.  Sealing first will help with moisture control.

Windows and Doors
Be sure to check all doors and windows for proper latching and locking.  Check for damaged weather stripping, which can be replaced relatively inexpensively.  If you notice that any of your windows are drafty, consider shrinkwrapping them for better winterization.

Remove Air Conditioners
Not everyone has central air; some have window units.  If you fall into this second category, be sure to remove your window units at the end of summer.  If you leave your unit in the window, it will allow cold air to seap into your home.  If you have an air conditioner that is built into your wall, simply build a box to put over it until spring.

While we realize that everyone’s still basking in the hot sun, we must face the fact that Fall will be here before you know it.  Arm yourself from the coming cold with these 5 tips.  There is much you can do to protect your family’s pocketbook when it comes to winterizing and heating your home.  Contact B.M.C/Clower today for an in-home assessment to find out if your home is at risk for a cold Fall and Winter.