Many homes experience having an area of their home or a room within their home that’s known as being the hot or cold spot. Regardless of how warm or cold your thermostat reads, you know this room or space is not budging on temperature.

Room temperature changes can become discomforting to homeowners especially if this is a room that’s regularly occupied. Not only is it discomforting but this can cause health issues for the people that occupy the space.

So, how do you keep the temperature in your home consistent year-round? Keep reading to find out!

Temperature inconsistencies

Before we get into how to keep your home temperature consistent, it’s important to understand why you may have temperature inconsistencies in the first place.

Location – Location plays a determining factor in the temperature of that room. If it’s on the side of your home where cold air tends to seep in, that’s going to cause this room to always be chilly.

Windows – Do you have outdated windows in this room? If so, these outdated windows are probably leaking and the temperature from the outside is now becoming the temperature on the inside.

If you can’t afford to replace bad windows, in the winter you can purchase plastic that sticks over the windows to trap the air from being released into the room. Normal plastic window kits run around $20 per kit and will come with the adhesive needed for installation.

Siding – Sometimes we don’t realize that our home siding has holes in it. These holes can cause air to seep out and hot air to seep in. Check your siding to see if you have holes.

Exterior doors – Does this room in your home have an exterior door? If so, make sure the door has proper fitting seals around the door frame and any gaps are caulked closed.

Keeping temperatures consistent

Now that we’ve outlined a few possible issues that may be causing the temperature inconsistencies in your home, let’s discuss how you can maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.

Use a zoning system – Zoning systems are an effective way to control room temperatures in a designated area of your home. With a zoning system, you’re able to adjust the temperatures in various rooms and set an average zone temp so one area can be cooler or warmer but it all evens out.

Use a programmable thermostat – By using a programmable thermostat, you’re allowing your home to save energy while you are away from the home. It’s recommended to turn your thermostat down for hours you are at work or away and then have it automatically turn up for hours when you’re home.

Redirect airflow with fans – This is an easy trick that many people forget about. If you have ceiling fans, you should turn them on and redirect the heat or air to other areas of your home. If you have wall plugin fans, you can do the same for hallways and other hard to reach areas where the heat or air may get trapped.

Have your HVAC maintenance bi-annually – Another commonly overlooked way to keep your home consistent in temperature is to have your HVAC system maintenance by a professional HVAC company like BMC Clower. By having regular maintenance checks, you make sure your filter systems are clean and helping air circulate.

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