Sometimes you may feel like your home is so hot you don’t realize your AC has been running non-stop all day. While you may feel this is normal because it happens a lot in your household – it’s not.

Your AC unit should run for a small amount of time and then only kick back on again once your home has reached a temperature hotter than the thermostat is set for. Now, there are exceptions to this rule – like any other!

Exceptions to why an AC would run more

An air conditioning unit will run more when it’s incredibly hot outside. This happens if the unit is not able to keep up with cooling your home due to hot temperatures outside.

It’s best to do what you can to prevent this from happening. Not only will your electric bill be higher for the month but your unit overworking itself can cause breaks.

To help prevent your air conditioning unit from continuous running here’s what you can do:

  • Close your blinds or window drapes. By closing your blinds or drapes, you stop sunlight from seeping into your home which brings extra heat.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed. Make sure there aren’t any cracked doors or windows. If there are, close them so your air stays in your home.
  • Have your unit inspected twice a year so you catch any breaks or faults in your machine.

Possible issues your HVAC company technician may notice during an inspection

Blockage:   Your technician may notice there is a blockage happening in your unit. Blockages can happen from dirty or clogged filters, ductwork leaks, blocked vents, closed vents, or a motor that’s bad.

Coils: For your unit to run correctly you need refrigerant to flow evenly through your evaporator coils. If your unit is low on refrigerant or your coils are broken or dirty this causes an issue.

Replacement: If your unit is an old model and has run its course, it’s possible this could be the main culprit to your issues. If your technician divvies out each of the issues and a price tag to fix, be sure to ask him if it would be cheaper for you to get a new unit installed. While it may be a huge upfront cost you weren’t prepared for – it will save you in the long run on repairs, your energy bill, and emergency maintenance calls.

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