As a business owner, it’s important that your executive and non-executive employees are performing at their best every day. With so many distractions happening in and out of work, productivity is becoming troublesome.

But, did you know that one of the biggest distractions and productivity minimizer is your offices’ temperature?

That’s right – office temperature plays a huge role in if an employee is too hot or too cold.

Is office temperature important?

Think about it, you may have your office temperature set to 72 in the winter and 68 in the summer (the recommended temperatures) yet your office could be colder or warmer.

When this happens, you’re giving your employees an excuse to become distracted from their tasks by taking off or adding on layers throughout the day.

You’re also giving your business the chance to have unwanted maintenance repair costs this quarter due to not doing your due diligence up front. If units are overworked parts can break faster than if they were inspected and the issue was caught.

4 easy tips to keep productivity high in the workplace and HVAC units working optimally

  1. Ask your employees what temperature they prefer to work in. Take the average number and set your heater or AC to that.
  2. Put a lock on your thermostat so your janitor or maintenance person is the only one who can change the temperature. This keeps morale among employees and also helps you keep your utility bills down.
  3. Have regular checks completed. If you’ve not had your preferred HVAC company technician complete their bi-annual inspection, now is the time! As the weather continues to become increasingly cooler make sure your unit doesn’t break down as it’s continuing to run to keep your building warm.
  4. If it needs fixing, fix it. Don’t delay repairs. By delaying repairs you’re putting your employees and company at risk for decreased productivity, forking out a lot of cash in extra repairs, and employee mood swings.

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