Winter is slowly creeping upon us in Maryland. With the cold months right around the corner, it’s important to have your furnace in tip-top shape before it’s too late.

You see, when it becomes cold, your furnace starts running longer to heat your home more effectively. With your furnace running longer, it’s important that it’s in the best shape so you don’t notice a jump in your energy bill, frigid air coming from your vents, or much worse – your furnace not working when it’s only 10 degrees outside!

Today, we are going to discuss a few tips on how you can spot if your furnace needs a repair.

Does my furnace need to be repaired?

Luckily for you, when your furnace is running you’ll be able to use your senses to see if there are issues. Such as smelling foul odors that are coming from your vents. Another surefire way to know if you have an issue is by listening. Do you hear clunking noises or metal to metal sounds?

Both should be an indication that you need to contact your local HVAC company to come out and look right away.

Let’s break some of these issues down a bit more:

Smell –

This is probably the easiest way to know if your furnace needs TLC. If the system is clogged, a smell can occur. If this happens, turn your furnace off and make a call to BMC Clower, your local HVAC repair company, as soon as possible.

Hear –

If you hear a bunch of bangs or squeaks coming from your vents, it’s a sign that your HVAC system might have something wrong with it that needs to be checked over. Without getting this inspected, you could put other parts at risk to be damaged.

See –

Look around your furnace before you turn it on. Are there water spots underneath? Do you notice your filter is a bit dirty and needs to be cleaned? By looking, you might notice small indicators that there’s something more going on that needs to be checked over. Water, for instance, should not be visible under your furnace. If it is, this could indicate you have a heat exchanger leak, or your condensation trap is clogged.

Feel –

Have you turned on your furnace only to notice the air is not as warm as the thermostat is showing? This is a simple yet effective way to know there is a problem and you need to find the solution! Keep it simple and call an HVAC repair company to look and make sure everything is running properly. They know your machine better than you do and if there is an issue, they’ll help you get it fixed so you have a working furnace during the cold months.