Getting your furnace prepared for the winter months is an essential step that needs to be taken before the chill of winter lands at your front door. Ensuring you have a furnace that is operational, safe, and as energy-efficient as you can make it before the first cold day hits is a must!

Let’s face it, you don’t want to turn on the furnace only to discover that it isn’t working. This can be especially annoying should you have a very cold day and need immediate warmth.

To ensure you have prepared your furnace for the winter months, here are a few tips to help you take a step in the right direction.

  1. Set up an Inspection of the HVAC system

It’s a great idea to set up an appointment with a local technician company to look over the system for any major concerns. Once the company sends their technician to your home, they will be able to run a full maintenance check of the system. During their check, they will also ensure that everything is running optimally and with the most energy savings. If it is not, they will offer recommendations for you to consider in the future or to schedule right then and there.

  1. Change the filter often

You’ll not only want to inspect the filter, but you’ll also want to change it regularly. It’s a good rule of thumb to change the furnace filters every three months but never stop inspecting them simply because you may get longer use out of your filter if you’re using the system less. For those who are using the system more, you may need to brush off extra debris or change the filer more regularly.

Simply put, your furnace will run more efficiently with a clean filter. It may also be a good idea to upgrade your filter to a pleated filter, HEPA filter or electrostatic filter. These changes can increase the energy efficiency of your furnace and allow the warm air to flow unimpeded throughout your entire home. Plus, anything energy-efficient helps you keep dollars in your bank account!

  1. Clean the Area

Be sure to remove anything that may be stored around the furnace. Often, the furnace room is used as a storage room for other things. These items can cause blockages to the air ducts and return vents. On top of that, they can be huge fire hazards for your home when the furnace warms up.

Keeping items too close to the furnace could cause them to catch fire. Be sure to remove any items being stored near to furnace into another storage area just to play it safe.

 It is also a good rule of thumb to clean your vents and ducts with a vacuum cleaner. Remove the vent or duct covers and vacuum away all dust and debris to can find that may impede the air flow.

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