It’s inevitable that the cold will slowly seep into our lives – and when it happens, it is important to know how to stay warm this winter. From frosty windows to the socks we wear, everything plays a part in keeping us safe and warm.

Following are a few great tips to help you stay warm this winter.

Turn on the ceiling fan – This may seem like a strange tip, but it’s very important. Warm air rises and you’ll want to keep all the warm air you can in your rooms.  So, to help recycle this warm air, simply turn your ceiling fans onto a low spin cycle. This will help push the warm air down in return keeping you warmer.

Take lukewarm showers – You just spent all day outside or came in from shoveling your driveway and the fastest way to warm up is to get in a nice hot shower, but not so fast! While a hot shower does sound nice, hot water comes from your hot water heater which uses energy to heat the cold water to store. To save your pockets from higher energy bills this winter, we recommend taking a lukewarm water shower instead.

Schedule maintenance appointments before the cold hits – While life’s events may get in the way of you making (and sticking to!) a maintenance appointment, it’s something that should not be put off until the last minute. During your maintenance appointment, the technician will search your machine for any broken parts and give you a suggestion on replacement costs as well as what is a necessity to replace for that season. If you have a broken part and are unaware, it could cause your HVAC not to work, resulting in a very chilly home for you and your family.

Use extra blankets on your couch and beds – Turning your thermostat up to accommodate your cold skin is not the best solution when it comes to your finances. Studies show that you should keep your homes at 68 degrees in the winter to keep pipes from freezing and your homes from being not overly cold or toasty. Doubling up on your bed blankets and having a nice throw blanket on your couch will help keep you and your family warm without breaking the bank! If you have a fireplace, using an old fashion wood and fire to add heat to your home will help keep your electric bills down in the winter months as well.

Open your curtains – While it makes sense to keep your curtains closed so you are not letting your heat ‘seep’ through your windows, the sun is a natural heat source and should be used. During the sun’s peak hours, open your curtains and let the sunshine help warm your home. When the sun starts to go down, close your curtains and use your heaters as normal.

We don’t recommend turning off your heat when you open your curtains, but you can turn the thermostat down a degree or two so you save using the suns energy. 

While most of these tips, call BMC Clower and we’ll have one of our technicians come out to your home.