With home prices rising and salaries staying the same, it’s becoming more popular for homeowners to jump on board with the tiny house movement. With smaller square footage, you must be careful about the types of piping, HVAC installation, and plumbing you use because every inch of space is precious.

Today, we’re going to outline some HVAC solutions tiny homeowners may face when designing their tiny home.

Do you need a full-sized HVAC system?

With a normal sized home, you have space to accommodate large ductwork that HVAC systems need. When you have a small house, you must be resourceful and strategic with every square inch.

Many tiny homes are less than 200 square feet of space so instead of thinking about installing an HVAC system, opt for a mini split AC for the summer and a space heater for the winter.

Another HVAC solution for you is to install a mini split that hooks up to a heat pump and use that to heat your home. In this situation, you’ll have one system that’s small enough for your tiny home and covers both heating and cooling.

For a list of mini split units for your tiny house, contact BMC Clower. Our specialists will help you choose the right size and brand needed for your home.

Install a ceiling fan

A simple solution to keeping your tiny home warm and cool is to install a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan will work to circulate your air around your space. This not only helps you save money on your energy bills, but it will help keep your home warm without the need to consistently turn your heater up or down to be comfortable.

When installing your ceiling fan, be strategic on where you put it. If you place the ceiling fan directly in front of your mini split, you’ll have a greater chance of grabbing the air and dispersing it throughout your home.

Have further questions or want more information on mini split options for your home? BMC Clower has been servicing residential and commercial properties around Maryland for years. Our team is well-versed, and field trained on each unit we sell so they’ll be able to help you make a qualified decision on what is best for your situation. It’s free to talk, just give us a call at 866-904-9946.