With spring around the corner, selling your home may be on your mind. While selling your home may give your family the option to build a new chapter elsewhere, there are a few things to consider before tacking up a large “For Sale” sign in your lawn.

Appliances –

The first thing to consider is whether your home needs a few upgrades. For instance, when was the last time you had your HVAC unit inspected and cleaned by a professional HVAC company?  If it’s been quite some time, you’ll want to get this done before you are ready to list your home.

When the HVAC professionals come out, they may recommend putting a little investment into updating your homes HVAC system. Listening and taking the professional HVAC technicians advise is a great way to ensure your home passes all home inspections when appraisal time comes around.

If you have any other home appliances that need a few new updates and you are thinking about updating those prior to your HVAC unit, it’s recommended to list everything on a piece of paper from important to not important. This will help ensure you spend your money in places necessary.

HVAC systems don’t leave the home, so the new buyer needs to be given a properly working and updated machine. That makes having your HVAC unit cleaned, updated, and ready for the next homebuyer more important than your kitchen appliance updates. Continue with this same method until you have everything listed by importance.

Appraisal Value –

If you’ve never had your home inspected, you are probably curious about what your home’s value may be. However, take a quick step back from calling your local appraisal company until you have your home in 100% tip-top shape. Once a home has been appraised, this becomes public knowledge and you can use this to list your homes sale price.

Contacting a Real Estate Agent –

Typically, when a homeowner is ready to sell their home, they may contact a real estate agent first. Our recommendation is to start interviewing real estate agents once you are ready for them to put the “For Sale” sign in your home. Most real estate agents will want to have an open house as soon as the property comes on the market and if you aren’t ready with any home fixture updates, your HVAC updated, and anything else that needs to be done, this could make for a very stressful listing for both you and the agent.

Not sure who to contact to inspect your HVAC unit? No problem! At BMC Clower, we have fully trained HVAC technicians ready to come view your property. Give us a call and we will send a well-qualified technician to your home.