hvacfurnaceSome things get better with age, but unfortunately your HVAC system is not one of those things. If your HVAC unit’s age is in double digits, it might be time to consider the value of replacing the unit. If your system is close to 15 years old, replacement may be your best option. Did you know that modern HVAC units that have been manufactured within the past 5 years can operate up to 30% more efficient than older units? Once you do the math, you can see how the savings quickly add up!

Return on Investment (in years) = Extra Cost ($)
Annual Savings ($/year)

If your current furnace is 75% efficient and your current heating bill is $100/month ($1,200/year), a new furnace that is 90% efficient could reduce your bill to $1,000/year at 90% efficiency ($1,200 x .75/.90), saving you about $200/year. If the new, more efficient heating system is $1,000, your return on investment would be realized in 5 years ($1,000/$200/year = 5 years)…and, if fuel costs continue to rise, your return on investment will be realized even sooner.
Regardless of your heating system needs, B.M.C./Clower wants to work with you to ensure affordable comfort in your home.

Questions to consider:

(Q): I have a couple of HVAC units that make up my home comfort system. Should I replace all at the same time or separately?
(A): In order to ensure that everything works together properly, it is advised that all are replaced at the same time. You risk having your home comfort system not performing at maximum efficiency, which is why you wanted to replace the system in the first place.

(Q): Does my ductwork need to be replaced if I replace my HVAC system?
(A): If you install a brand new energy efficient system yet leave old ductwork, you could also be compromising the efficiency of the new unit and again losing the savings from replacing your HVAC system.

(Q): My current HVAC system is extremely noisy. Will replacing the unit bring much appreciated silence to my home?
(A): Believe it or not, your current duct system could not be sized appropriately for your current HVAC system causing excessive noise as the unit operates.

(Q): My HVAC system is not terribly old but I still have issues with some of the rooms in my home being too hot or too cold. Do I need to replace my system?
(A): Not necessarily. The issue could potentially be many things including: improper operation of your current equipment, duct issues or inadequate insulation in your home.

If you are building a new home or upgrading to a new heating system, we are ready to carefully survey your structure and help you consider your options. If you think you might have an issue with the age of your HVAC system, please do not hesitate to call us at B.M.C/Clower HVAC. We can help keep you comfortable this winter and beyond!