Customer Testimonials

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“Dear John:
Enclosed is payment for the HVAC replacement project in my aged 1937 home. The furnace and humidifier portions are working well and I am confident that when we get to cooling season and your people are back on site to fine tune that portion, it will be operating up to spec., too.

Thanks for offering a veterans discount, for registering the equipment, and filing for the rebate.

I do want to report how impressed we were with your installation technicians, we found them to be hard working with no standing around or wasted motion, courteous, clean, respectful of the installation, and they cleaned u after each day’s work. I especially want to cite Matt for what had to be an exhausting number of trips he made up and down the ladder to the chimney top until the new liner was successfully snaked around what we think was a diagonal bend in the flue. The crew was also willing to listen to and try another idea from this rank amateur on a possible way to get it around that accursed bend. (It worked.)

FYI, yours was one of three proposals we reviewed in detail – including one from the vendor that does Costco’s HVAC work in this area.

Feel free to use us as a reference in the future.”

Sincerely, Alan Lewis

“We recently had a new AC/Heating system and some new duct work installed in our home on Belvedere. I want to give a shout out to the company that did the installation because they were uncharacteristically amazing. The company is B.M.C/Clower!

Our whole system went down the week before Labor Day and after consultation it was determined that our duct work was not sufficient for our system and was maxing it out, resulting in a complete system breakdown – we needed a whole new system. Additionally, we were getting ready for a big party (200+ people) on Labor Day, for which I NEEDED air conditioning and a clean house (not one full of tools, duct material and a partial project.)

B.M.C/Clower moved around other work and worked overtime (until 11:00pm on one night) to make sure that my system was installed before Labor Day. The owner of the company personally came to my house and walked me through the problem (at one point I was crawling around the attic with him) and sat with me to determine the best system for our needs. He was very knowledgeable about the environmental benefits of the systems, something we were interested in, and the differences between the systems, all of this helped us make an informed choice. The accounting staff person was pleasant and helped us secure financing. And the two guys that installed the duct work and system were pleasant, hardly ever took breaks, were respectful of our home and really took pride in their work.

Overall, the folks at this small company were helpful, efficient, knowledgeable, hardworking and friendly. Unfortunately, these attributes are often hard to come by, so I thought I’d pass this along, if you are ever in need of AC/heating services or a new system, we highly recommend that you consider B.M.C/Clower.”

Cin on Belvedere

“Thank you very much. I would be honored to recommend you and your firm in the future. I have already recommended a Michelle C, Nebraska Ave N.W.”

Ralph Block

“The technician, Joe, did an exceptionally good job. He was courteous and left everything as he found it. He asked to borrow a hose to clean the compressor, so I took one from the front yard. He used it at the back of the house on the lower level. After he left, I went to get the hose to return it to the front, but Joe had already put it there.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. (He also took away the old air filters for disposal – a big convenience).”

Thanks, Sal

“The BMC Clower Heating and Air Conditioning Company has been knowledgeable, prompt and efficient in the service of my furnace and air conditioner over the last 7 years.”

Mrs. Claire M. Craft, Satisfied Customer

“Thanks for all of your professional work and advice when we replaced our air conditioning system and when we remediated home inspection items at our old house.

We closed on the house last week and I am now forwarding a check. Sorry for the delay.

I will not hesitate to recommend your services to clients and neighbors in the future.”

Thanks again, Karen S. Reinler