HVAC systems are usually very reliable in performance. However, this does not mean that they do not have limitations or experience some hiccups from time to time. Common HVAC issues include ventilation, air conditioning and heating problems which arise through the various parts of the system. Some of the problems may be easy to handle and therefore you may offer the solutions yourself. However, for more complex problems, you should hire a professional. When the HVAC unit is non-functional and a service call has been placed for a professional to deal with the problem, there are common parts which should be checked. Let’s review those now.

Condenser Coil

This is the coil fins around the outside unit, which in combination with the compressor and other parts inside the cabinet are exposed to the outside elements. This implies that the unit gets dirty often and need to be cleaned at least yearly.  The outdoor coils can be cleaned using a water hose when the system is not operational. If the grime and dirt get worse, the HVAC system will have to be cleaned by a technician who will have to use a chemical cleaner.


The HVAC unit filters get clogged and dirty with time. When this happens, the filter should be changed. When a clogged filter is not changed, the airflow is reduced and this causes the system to freeze. Hold a filter up to the light to check whether light passes through it. If the light does not pass through, the filter definitely needs to be changed. This is one of the most preventable issues since you only need to remember to change the air filters. The furnace filters should be changed often to prevent problems. The inexpensive filters should be changed monthly for efficient performance of the HVAC unit.

Evaporator Coil

One of the most common problems associated with the cooling evaporator coil is leakage of the refrigerant. Leakages may result from the vibrations of the system when it is operating. Unfortunately, leakage of the refrigerant liquid in the evaporator coils and the condenser cannot be repaired. Find an HVAC technician to charge the refrigerant. If the leakage occurs at any other part apart from the evaporator coil and the condenser, a technician will offer appropriate help. They will remove the remaining refrigerant liquid and charge the levels back to the proper amount.

Drain Issues

Another common issue caused by grime as well as other organic materials is the build-up within the drain lines. This causes water to flow back in and eventually overflow the drain pan. This, in turn, causes damage to the components of the system. The drain can become clogged with algae or dirt and when the water fills up the drain pan, it can leak over to the entire system and lead to damage.  Annually cleaning the drain and treating with necessary bleach or chemicals can help prevent back-ups.

Being knowledgeable about the most common problems on the various parts of the HVAC system together with their appropriate solutions is greatly beneficial and help ensure that your HVAC system always runs efficiently.

HVAC technicians should be your go-to resource and while you may only visit with them twice a year, it’s important you feel confident and comfortable with the company you chose to work on your unit. BMC Clower has been servicing clients for many years. Find out more about how BMC Clower can help service your HVAC needs.