There comes a time every year that we either dread or love…winter! From sledding to slushy white-covered roads, winter contains a lot of beauty. Unfortunately, it also contains a few hazards, like car accidents caused by icy roads and cold homes caused by a broken HVAC system.  Following are a few tips to help you insulate yourself from the blustery weather.

Winter HVAC Tips

Tip 1 – Weather-strip and caulk your doors and windows. Air can escape through cracks and gaps in your homes windows and doors. To prevent you from paying for heat that quickly escapes, it’s a good idea to weather-strip your doors and windows or even plastic wrap them. Plastic wrap comes in very handy when you have a home with older windows and it’s an affordable option to keeping the heat in your home.

Tip 2 – Keep your thermostat running. When you tend to change your thermostats consistently, the amount of energy needed to adhere to these adjustments is significant. Energy means your utility bills rise and that’s never a fun thing to encounter when the bill comes in the mail. Keep your thermostat at a constant temperature year-long to keep extra energy costs down.

Tip 3 – Speaking of thermostats, do you have a programmable one? If not, we recommend considering upgrading yours to a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to set temperatures for every hour of the day. If you are away from the home during the day, you can set your temperature a bit higher so you aren’t paying for wasted energy while you are gone. In the evenings, you can program your temperature to be at a level you can comfortably tolerate. Think about the amount of savings you’ll see each year by upgrading your thermostat today!

Tip 4 – Clean inside your furnace. When summer is coming to a halt, it’s a good idea to open your furnace and clean out any excess debris that’s accumulated. This will help ensure your machine runs smoothly and each part lasts longer.

Tip 5 – Change your filters and/or clean your filters seasonally. Clogged filters can cause your home to have an air disruption. From the quality of the air to the flow, your filter oversees ensuring these areas are at their very best for your home. It’s your responsibility to partner with your HVAC unit and ensure your keeping the filters clean so your HVAC can do its job.

Tip 6 – Make sure you have a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment every year. Without having a technician look over your machine, you could miss important areas of concern. When things don’t line up and the machine isn’t able to work properly, more parts could break. This in return can put a big damper on your financial situation.

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