HVAC Technician QualificationsConsidering the desperation that accompanies a malfunctioning HVAC unit, you may feel like just picking the first company you find.

You owe it to yourself talk to and interview a handful of companies before you make your final decision. The long-term life and effectiveness of your HVAC unit is at stake.

HVAC Technician Qualifications

Following are some of the characteristics that you should look for in your HVAC technicians.

NATE Certification:

First, find out if the companies that you are considering have technicians who are NATE Certified. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. The NATE certification is one-of-a-kind, owned, operated, and developed by the HVAC Industry. When an HVAC technician holds a NATE certification, you can be sure that they are highly experienced and well trained in their area.


Second, find out if the companies that you are considering maintain a professional appearance. A quality AC technician should arrive in a well-maintained, clearly labeled corporate vehicle, wearing a clean, professional uniform. They will also wear boot covers, a sign that they respect you and do not want to leave you with any unnecessary cleaning.

In addition (though it may seem a bit odd), a quality AC technician should appear neat and well-groomed. If an individual doesn’t care for the finer points of their own personal care, how can you trust them with the minute details of your HVAC system? How do you know they will care enough about your HVAC unit if they do not care enough about themselves?


Third, find out if the companies that you are considering are timely. A professional technician arrives on time and works within the time frame quoted, demonstrating reliable time management skills. This is important as you will not be able to use your HVAC unit until they are completely finished with the repair.


Next, find out if the technicians arrive prepared to complete the job in a single visit. They should carry all necessary tools, and be equipped for any simple to intermediate job. Everyone wants and deserves a professional services company that values their time.

Clean Up:

Next, find out if the technicians clean up after themselves. A quality AC service tech knows that you do not want to clean up after them. Any good service tech will leave the area the same way they found it, if not better.

By following these guidelines, considering the impact of these points and verifying each with the provided references, you are much more likely to find a quality HVAC technician, and a fantastic HVAC company.