Though humidity is often considered to be a “dirty” word when it comes to comfort and temperature, it is a crucial part of any home environment. That’s why it’s important that homeowners have a system in place to manage and ensure an optimum level that is neither too dry (causing nose and throat irritation and damaging paint, wallpaper and furniture) nor too moist (causing allergies and creating mold, bacteria and other serious infestations).

Controlling Humidity in Your Home

Central HumidifierFortunately, there is an easy solution for controlling the humidity levels inside the home, a central humidifier. This simple, but effective piece of equipment is installed and wired into your home’s heating and air conditioningsystem and connected to your plumbing. It can then be used to efficiently and effectively manage the air throughout your entire home through a single, central control panel.

While some might argue that smaller, room-sized humidifiers are a plausible solution to the humidity problems inside the home, there are several reasons that a central humidifier is preferred.

First, they produce more even results. Rather than having an uneven environment in those areas closest to ducts and vents, these systems address every square foot of every room, keeping them all properly moisturized and comfortable. They can be particularly effective in homes with forced air heating systems that create dry zones.

Second, they are virtually maintenance free. Unlike individual room units, these systems are a “set it and forget it” solution connected directly to the infrastructure of your home. This frees homeowners from having to repeatedly refill water supplies and/or address standing water bacteria issues associated with lack of use.

Third, they are a more cost-effective long-term. While there are certainly more upfront costs associated with a centralized humidifier, the delivery method and associated costs of operation are considerably lower than those of the individual plug and port humidifiers.

Finally, they are much more design friendly. They are truly out-of-sight, out-of-mind. There are no unattractive and obtrusive units taking up tabletop or floor space, tripping residents and presenting dangers to young children.

To ensure the best results with a central humidifier, it is recommended that homeowners install a proven filtration system that will eliminate any unwanted pollutants from the home’s plumbing system and work with existing air filtration systems to create the best indoor air quality for your home.

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