keep heating costs downIt’s the great winter dread we all experience every year: How high will my heating bill be this month? While we can’t control the extreme winter weather known to hit Montgomery County, we can offer up these winter tips to keep heating costs down in your Montgomery County/Calvert County home.

While it is great to have your home resemble the comfort of the tropics during the winter, the reality is for every degree you reduce your Calvert County home’s thermostat, you are saving money. In fact, for every degree you reduce the thermostat; you can reduce your heating costs by up to 3 percent! So lower that thermostat, throw on a sweater or long sleeves and watch the savings add up!

Hot Water Heater:
No one likes a cold shower, but no one also likes a hefty utility bill. Most home water heaters are factory set at around 140 degrees, which is far hotter than required to meet your family’s needs. By reducing your water heater to around 120 degrees, you can potentially reduce your heating costs by up to 6 percent.

Leaky Home, Leaky Wallet:
Do you feel drafts when walking past your doors or windows? Chances are you are losing energy (and money). Poorly sealed windows and doors allow heat to escape and the cold into your home. A quick look at your windows and doors can show you where you can shut out the cold through caulk and weather-stripping. If any of your exterior doors have enough space to slip a piece of paper under them, they need to be sealed. A quick trip to a home improvement store, or your local Maryland hardware store can get you the tools needed to seal the draft and keep the heat where it belongs…in your home.

If you live in Montgomery County, Calvert County or the DC Metro area and you need assistance managing the heating costs in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact B.M.C/Clower. We promise prompt arrival, professional service and guaranteed results.