NWinterizing Your Roofow that winter is in full swing here in Maryland, it is the perfect time to do a quick evaluation on the state of your home’s energy efficiency. As you work to keep your home warm and cozy through each winter storm that hits Montgomery County, you potentially are sending your hard earned money through the roof…literally!

Your roof contains valuable information as to how well your home’s insulation is holding the heat inside. After a fresh snowfall, step outside and take a look at your home’s roof. If you are seeing patches where snow is melting, that is an indication your home’s heat is escaping through the roof, causing the melting. If you aren’t sure if your home is properly insulated, here’s a guide that can help.

Unfortunately, it’s not just damage to your wallet that occurs when heat escapes through your roof. The melting snow can also create ice dams, which can cause severe roof and home damage. Ice dams form when the snow on your roof melts and refreezes before falling to the ground. This dam blocks melting snow from draining to the ground which can cause the water to leak into your home, structural damage and mold growth inside your home.

Preventing ice dams:
– As previously mentioned, proper insulation in your attic can help prevent heat from escaping your home through the roof and melting the snow.
– Clean gutters are essential to ensure the water from the melting snow has a way to drain properly from your roof.
– Keep as much heat as possible out of your attic. Ceiling lights can be a great source of heat, especially if they are the old style recessed light, which can’t be properly insulated without creating a fire hazard. Replacing the old lights with sealed “IC” fixtures can be properly insulated and not create the fire hazard for your home.
– If you have HVAC ducts, or exhaust ducts, in your ceiling or attic space, make sure they are properly sealed and insulated.

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