With Christmas right around the corner, many of you have already started your Christmas shopping, and some of you will already be done with your Christmas shopping. Hooray for the few that fall into the latter category!

For those of you who are currently getting ready to buy Christmas gifts, have you considered purchasing a new HVAC unit for someone on your list? While HVAC units can be above your overall per-person allowance, it might be a good idea to collaborate with other parties to pool your money together to purchase this large gift for that one special someone this year.

Why You Should Buy an HVAC Unit for Someone This Christmas:

Financial Restraints – Often, households do not upgrade their HVAC machines due to financial restraints. It can be a hefty price to pay for one of these up-front and even payments on an HVAC unit can put one’s household finances over balance.

This Christmas, partner with a local HVAC company and see what specials they have going on or what payment options each month you could commit to and give the gift of a cost-saving and comfort-living HVAC unit.

New home buyer – Is someone on your list a new home buyer? If so, do they have everything they need to keep their home comfortable year-round? Many times, people who just purchased a new home will add towels, kitchen accessories, or other household items to their Christmas list because it’s small things that are affordable and they wouldn’t dare ask for a present that costs more than X amount.

My guess is, if you asked them if there were any areas in their home that needed upgrading or were large expenses that needed to be addressed (other than cosmetic “wants”) an HVAC unit could be a possibility. Wouldn’t you love to see their faces when you pooled together with family to get them this one large expense so they don’t have to stay up at night worrying about how they are going to pay for it?

Someone who’s preparing to expand their family – It’s a natural thought to want to get someone who is expanding their family a bunch of baby related items and while this does help them with keeping costs down for their new child, it doesn’t help keep their homes comfortable for that child.

When an HVAC unit isn’t working properly, monthly bills rise, household air conditions change, and illnesses occur. Give the gift of cleanliness, monthly utility savings, and freshness by thinking outside the box and upgrading HVAC parts or even the system at large. Just helping the family purchase new filter is a thoughtful gift to give this Christmas and it shows the parents you are thinking of their new baby in a positive light.

Pooling together to answer someone else’s dreams – If you have someone on your list this year that has expressed a concern in needing to purchase a new filter, parts, or even a new HVAC unit, think outside the box by pooling together with everyone who also has this person on their lists and get them the parts needed to ensure their HVAC system works properly year long. Some things you could pool together to purchase:

  • A programmable thermostat
  • A technician’s appointment to come and maintain their HVAC unit
  • Broken parts
  • New Filters

Do you have someone on your list who could really use this investment this Christmas? Give B.M.C/Clower a call today at 866-904-9946 and let us help make this dream a reality!