Air Conditioning Repairs and Services

Air Conditioning RepairWe’ve been installing and servicing AC systems for decades and understand their importance and significance as a home investment.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Luckily, with regular maintenance and professional repair service, you can maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system to save on energy costs and get the longest possible life out of your cooling system.

That’s why we offer air conditioning maintenance agreements. Here’s why you should consider regular air conditioning maintenance:

  • First and foremost, it’s recommended by manufacturers
  • It helps to keep the equipment operating at peak efficiency
  • Peak operational efficiency results in energy cost savings
  • Regular maintenance extends cooling system equipment life
  • Routine checks identify and prevent costly breakdowns

24 Hour Emergency AC Service

Unfortunately, even with regular air conditioning system maintenance, an AC unit will sometimes break down, and always at the most inconvenient and unfortunate time. That’s why we offer emergency air conditioning/heat pump repair and service to the DC/Metro area.

We offer the following 24 hour air conditioning repair services:

  • Emergency air conditioning system repairs on any make and model (we specialize in Lennox and Carrier systems)
  • Emergency heat pump repair and service on any make and model

Our years of experience and immediate response times help us provide the area’s most reliable service, and allow us to keep you cool.

Call B.M.C/Clower today at 866-904-9946 to schedule maintenance!