Montgomery County HVAC Bigger Isn't Always BetterFrom super-sized fast food items to larger iPhones, consumers are enamored with the idea that bigger is better. But is this consumer mindset appropriate for your Montgomery County home’s heating and air system? That’s a simple answer: no. Because of that, it is critically important to consult with a Montgomery County HVAC company to ensure your home is appropriately equipped to handle the size of your home and the climate we experience here in the mid-Atlantic region.

Your home’s HVAC system has two jobs. The first job is to lower the temperature of your home during the warm summer months. The second job is to help remove moisture from the air.

An over-sized Montgomery County HVAC unit can quickly cool down your home, but the humidity level will not be sufficiently reduced because an over-sized HVAC unit will run in a shorter cycle. These shorter cycles will cool your home, but the time the system runs is not a sufficient amount of time to reduce humidity. Warm air holds more water vapor than cool air, so when the system is not running in proper cycles for your home’s size, there is not sufficient time to properly pull the humidity from the air. In high humidity situations, the perfect environment is created for allergens.

Heating systems and cooling systems are designed to maximize efficiency in a secured and sealed environment. This means that the filters contained in these systems are critical in trapping and reducing dust and other air pollutants. As technologies have advanced, so too have the effectiveness of these filters at trapping additional harmful pollutants (e.g. HEPA filters). Installing appropriate filtering systems and changing them regularly is an important step toward maintaining the highest possible indoor air quality.

Humidity inside the home can affect the concentrations of pollutants such as mold. It is critical to maintain between 30% to 50% humidity to eliminate these air quality hazards. Humidity can be increased through the use of a vaporizer or humidifier and decreased through the opening of windows, or, if using air conditioning, by adjusting the humidity setting on your humidifier.

While an undersized HVAC system in your Montgomery County home can’t create the perfect comfort environment, neither can an over-sized system. Your home requires the perfect sized system and the Montgomery County HVAC professionals at B.M.C./Clower have the expertise to analyze your home’s comfort needs to ensure a pleasant environment in your home, no matter the season. Not sure if your home’s comfort system is operating at the right efficiency? Call B.M.C./Clower to schedule a home visit to ensure you are ready for all that our mid-Atlantic summer can bring.