14909987623_d290c5d58f_kIt’s pretty safe to safe, that we have all been “there”. At some point in time, you have felt the lack of comfort in your home due to untimely outage in your home’s heating and cooling system. Whether it is the cold of our Maryland winters or the heat of a mid-Atlantic summer, HVAC outages are frustrating which is why it is critical to keep up with your Rockville HVAC maintenance and ensure your comfort all throughout the year.

While it is extremely important to keep up with your Rockville HVAC maintenance, there are simple maintenance tasks that you can perform on an ongoing basis.

Change your system’s filters once a month

The effects of a dirty air filter lead to airflow being restricted to your HVAC system causing it to be overworked and thus higher energy bills. That additional work by your HVAC system can drive up your monthly utility bill by as much as 15%!

Clean your vents at least once a month

While you can’t perform a complete air duct cleaning with normal household cleaning appliances, you can ensure the vents are free of dust and debris, which can restrict airflow. If your Calvert County home has too many clogged vents, it can cause the same sort of problems as clogged air filters.

Inspect duct work

Properly installed duct work should not be a major worry for Maryland homeowners, but like your home’s entire infrastructure, you should keep an eye on it for any changes. Over time, duct work can become loose or damaged from animals or pests, so any visual damage noticed should be attended to in order to prevent energy loss through the damaged ducts.

If you notice a maintenance issue that you can’t fix or replace on your own, B.M.C/Clower HVAC is only a phone call away.

Here at B.M.C/Clower HVAC, we offer a comprehensive maintenance package for Montgomery County and Calvert County residents that ensure the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems and also protect the manufacturer’s warranty. HVAC manufacturers suggest that equipment be serviced twice annually, which is why our Rockville HVAC maintenance agreement includes 2 annual inspections that occur in the spring and fall.

Rockville HVAC Maintenance Agreement

  • 2 Annual Inspections-Spring and Fall
  • Inspect wiring
  • Clean unit
  • Test electrical components
  • Preferred Scheduling
  • Guaranteed Service within 24 Hours (excludes weekends and Holidays)
  • 10% off cost of parts (when accounting is current)
  • NO trip Charges
  • 5% off cost of any future installations
  • Discount on duct cleaning for all maintenance agreement customers

***Agreement does not include the cost of parts.

***All Agreements are contingent on the age and condition of the existing equipment as well as approval from B.M.C/Clower Heating and Air Conditioning.  Agreements do not include the cost of any repairs or parts needed found before being placed on agreement.  All existing refrigerant leaks, duct issues, needed repairs, or any pre-existing conditions will be evaluated and will need repair before agreement is valid.  All recommendations will be recorded and proposed.

***We do not service window units or oil units.