montgomery county fallAs another beautiful Maryland fall is upon us, before long, winter’s chill will arrive. If you are sitting on an aging HVAC unit, you might be debating whether or not to risk another mid-Atlantic winter that can bring such uncertainty and could potentially leave you out in the cold. So the elephant in the room is obvious. Should you replace the system now or see what the winter brings your way?

To properly consider your options, you should consider a few things, including potential risks. With proper maintenance, your home’s comfort system could potentially last you 15 years (or longer), but just because it can last beyond that window of time doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t replace the unit. If you are seeing any potential warning signs, you need to stop and consider what it’s saying. It’s a potential warning of things to come.

Have you experienced any sudden breakdowns? Any stoppage of the function of your home’s heating system means something has ceased to perform. It’s a pretty straight forward definition; however, what’s not straight forward is the reason.

Your home’s HVAC system is a mechanical system and mechanical parts wear out over time. As your system ages, the parts age right along with it, and thus, the risk of sudden breakdowns. If this has happened to you, and your home comfort system is pushing the upper limits of life expectancy, you should consider replacement. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself out in the cold (literally) due to another breakdown.

Have you had to put your HVAC repairman on speed dial due to your home’s HVAC repair frequency? Things happen and repairs are needed, but if having to repair your home’s HVAC system has become a yearly event (or multiple times a year), replacing the unit would bring immediate savings due to the elimination of those repair calls. Repair calls are not the same thing as maintenance calls. Maintaining proper maintenance throughout the year will ensure that your home’s comfort system will operate at maximum performance and lifespan.

Are you seeing spikes in your utility bill? The first culprit you should consider is your home’s HVAC system. An aging system does not perform as efficiently as during its early years. Proper maintenance can help keep it performing as best as possible, but eventually performance slips and energy consumption rises.

If you have been rather fortunate with your home’s comfort system’s performance, one thing you should always be mindful of is the advancement of technology. Plain and simple, new technology in the design of newer HVAC systems has created much more efficient units. Just like the advancement of car technology and the increase of miles to the gallon, the same holds true with home heating and cooling technology. Better efficiency means better savings. Better savings means more money you can divert to other things.

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