3 Benefits of a Spring AC Tuneup in West Beach, MD

It’s important to schedule a maintenance appointment for the air conditioner in your West Beach, MD, home at least once per year. If you still haven’t done so, spring is an ideal time to arrange everything. Here are three major benefits of scheduling a spring AC tuneup for your air conditioner:

Increase Cooling Efficiency

Efficiency is essential for an air conditioner to run optimally, and regular AC tuneups are necessary to keep your system working its best. Naturally, the quality and integrity of your AC system’s parts will decline over time, sometimes requiring you to schedule repairs, but regular maintenance can prevent many issues. These measures include tightening bolts, replacing refrigerant, checking electrical connections and so on.

The higher your AC system’s efficiency, the lower your utility bills, and your air conditioner will more effectively cool your home. Given that summer will be here soon, that’s particularly critical. Maintenance may increase your AC system’s efficiency, keep it at a high level or at least prevent it from declining.

Extend the AC System’s Life

The same decline that affects your AC system’s efficiency can also cut its life short. Without at least an annual AC tuneup, the chances that your air conditioner will completely break down relatively early into its service life are quite high. The average life span of a central AC system is about 15 years, but yearly maintenance can lengthen this.

Keep Your AC Warranty Valid

In nearly all cases, AC warranties come with a clause demanding proof of regular maintenance as a condition of using the warranty. Most commonly, you would have to supply this proof at least once per year.

Without this proof, you won’t be able to use your warranty to cover the cost of AC repairs or a new installation. Scheduling AC maintenance is a prudent move to keep you from having to pay out-of-pocket for serious work.

Our team of skilled HVAC service technicians is ready to ensure your air conditioner is in tip-top shape this spring. Don’t hesitate to call B.M.C. Clower Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule AC maintenance in West Beach, MD.

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