3 Signs You Need a New Boiler in Solomons, MD

Boilers provide hot water and general indoor heating for many homeowners in Solomons, MD. If you’re one of them, it’s important to know whether your boiler is at risk of falling apart. Here are three signs that you might need to get a new boiler soon:

Slow Heating

If you’ve noticed your boiler heating up either your radiators or your water much slower than usual, you’ve seen the most obvious of all signs that your system is in trouble. Normally, boilers should generate significant heat rather quickly.

If this is the first time you’ve noticed this problem, call to schedule professional boiler repairs. You may have a malfunctioning valve, a small amount of sediment buildup or some other repairable problem. However, if the problem keeps recurring despite your efforts to arrange repairs, you can be confident your system is on the way out for good.

Age of the Boiler

The typical boiler can function reliably for about 15 years, though diligent maintenance can extend this period by a small amount. If your system is older than this, you should be preparing to get a new one, regardless of what appears to be happening to it or how it seems to be functioning. The risk of sudden collapse is so great when a boiler gets to that age that it’s simply not worthwhile to risk it.

Exploding Energy Bills

As any system ages, its efficiency declines. Though careful repairs, periodic maintenance and prudent use habits can somewhat slow this process, in the end, it’s inevitable. Your energy bills may rise slowly as your boiler’s efficiency gradually slides down, or they may skyrocket after damage to the boiler passes an unsustainable point of no return.

Neither event is pleasant, but the latter is far worse. For that reason, pay attention to your heating bills and their relation to your energy use habits. Unless you’re careful, you may not even notice that your system is declining until it’s too late.

Don’t keep your boiler around longer than needed. You may come to regret it if you do otherwise. Call B.M.C. Clower Heating and Air Conditioning and ask for our boiler services for homeowners around Solomons, MD.

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