Why Does My Heat Pump Keep Shutting Off in Owings, MD?

In the springtime, your heat pump should be able to cool your home in Owings, MD, in a cycle of 10 to 15 minutes. It’s not necessarily a good thing, though, if the cycles run for shorter than that. Heat pumps that keep shutting off may have dirt and debris build-up, a faulty thermostat or too great a blowing capacity for the home.

Dirty Air Filter

If you use a ducted heat pump for air conditioning, make sure to change the air filter every three months or so. A dirty, clogged filter will hinder airflow, put stress on the blower motor and ultimately lead to overheating. More often than not, heat pumps shut down prematurely as a safety measure in response to overheating.

Dirty Coils

Similarly, your system may cut its cycles short because dirty coils are causing overheating. If you get annual professional maintenance, the coils will get thoroughly cleaned. There are two coils, the evaporator coil in your air handler and the condenser coil in your compressor, and these must stay clean to move heat out of your home’s air.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Sometimes, the thermostat mistakenly thinks the heat pump has reached the set point and tells it to shut down when it’s not yet cool. It can happen when the thermostat sensors lose their calibration, as they tend to do over time.

Oversized Heat Pump

The most dreadful possibility is that your heat pump is too big for your home. Bigger doesn’t solely mean better in the HVAC industry; oversized heat pumps cool a home too quickly and unevenly, and there’s no way to fix this other than a complete system replacement.

To see what kind of repair you need for your short-cycling heat pump in Owings, MD, call B.M.C. Clower Heating & Air Conditioning. You’ll work with trained service technicians who are familiar with all the makes and models. We back our results with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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