HVAC systems are a luxury part of our hot and cold months. That means, you need them working in pristine condition, so you can enjoy a lower energy bill without freezing or sweating excessive amounts.

One problem with HVAC systems is their need for regular maintenance both by a professional team and by you at home. While it may seem like a pain to regularly check your HVAC unit, it’s a chore that comes with huge benefits such as comfort and keeping repairs minimum.

So, what happens when you do your regular check and notice your air filter is wet?

Why is my HVAC air filter wet?

Having a wet air filter means that there is an issue with your HVAC system. When an air filter becomes wet, it’s almost impossible for it to perform its job correctly. Which means you have a greater chance of having a skyrocketed energy bill and much less airflow coming into your home.

When an air filter isn’t working properly, this can cause other parts of your HVAC system to overwork to try and compensate for the lack of job the air filter is doing. In translation, this means you now have a higher probability for a blown motor or frozen evaporator.

What should I do if my air filter is wet?

Simply put, you should call your local HVAC company and see if they can send a technician out within a day or two. Having a professional company analyze the problem means you have a greater chance of fixing the problem before it causes more issues. It also means you’re less likely to spend money on overused energy on your next energy bill.

Can I prevent a wet air filter?

Yes. There are steps you can take to ensure your air filter doesn’t get wet.

  • Change your filter regularly
  • Remove excess debris away from your HVAC unit
  • Pour vinegar down your drain line to keep it clean with a natural cleaning agent

If you notice your air filter becomes wet, give BMC Clower a call. BMC Clower has been in providing residential and commercial HVAC services for over 20 years.